Meet the Unstoppable Team

Solar Rays Energy Sacco is a medium-sized Savings and Credit Cooperative operating in Kenya Registered under the ministry of industry trade and Co-operatives. Solar Rays Energy positions itself as the SACCO for the green energy sector aligning with the sustainable goal developments of affordable and clean energy .

Our Aim

Solar rays energy Sacco aims to become the fastest growing Sacco our main objective being lighting peoples' worlds in terms of access to low interest rates loans which are specifically tailored to serve our wide array of members.

We boast of over 20,000 members which reflects our zeal in terms of giving opportunities to the diverse persons in society. Our team-based approach allows us to maintain high levels of quality and integrity throughout the development and execution of our clients’ transactions.

The Future

  • To be a microfinance bank, the biggest and most preferred financial services provider

  • Open up regional branches for reach to our rural members

  • Give job opportunities to the unemployed but zealous youth who make up about 75% of Kenya’s population

  • Provide a larger catalogue of loans that ensures that all financial needs are met within the shortest period possible