Our Team

Great work , Great team

Michael Walekwa

Chairman/ Co-founder 

He has a razor-sharp focused mind set of achieving greater things. He believes in translating his knowledge and expertise into an institution that invokes the feeling of success and trust among staff and members. 

“strategy is important though execution delivers results “

Jacob Okoth


Founder and chief visionary, Jacob is the driving force behind the company. His vision to light peoples’ worlds is continuously seen as the business keeps growing.

Douglas Gavala

Vice Chairman

Young, energetic and a go getter. He is a data scientist with experience in strategy formulation and evaluation, with bias toward marketing research. As vice chair, Douglas is responsible for driving transformation and achieving overall excellence across all of the company’s businesses. 

Millie Wanjala

Hon. Secretary

She started her lustrous career in human resource over a decade ago. As secretary, her special skills are explicitly shown in how she ensures resources are optimized to the maximum best. She has a knack for discovering strengths the business has, ensuring that we tap into those strengths and run to execute excellent results.

Patricia Mutiso


A young successful player in the industry gives her a niche in delivering excellent results. Her role as treasurer involves strategic planning and ensuring sturdy growth of the business. She has, over the years, ensured that we have built trust among our members through transparency in everything we do as a business. This is to ensure we develop long lasting relationships with our members. 

Titus Chweya 

Credit Committee- Chair

He is a financial services veteran with a strong track record of successfully operating, financial institutions and leading business turnarounds. Titus is responsible for managing credit, and has amassed a remarkable mix of experience from his exceptional work experience. 

Kevin Kibutu -

Credit Committee Secretary 

He has vast experience in data analysis which is essential in credit risks. During his tenure, Kevin has demonstrated a strong track record in driving results, strengthening credit risk and compliance, and innovating amid a rapidly evolving financial landscape.  

Nixon Kukut 

Education Committee- Secretary

His work has been recognized throughout member training seminars that are frequently scheduled to ensure that our members understand loan requirements and extensively giving benefits of why members should choose us. His role ensures that our business personalizes customer interactions in turn, increasing loyalty and ultimately increasing revenue.

 Alex Olum 

Credit Committee

A dynamic credit committee member with years of accomplishment in different managerial positions. Alex is responsible for leadership and oversight of all credit and market risk undertaken throughout the company. .



 Peter Odedo

Education Committee- Chair

His role as education committee chair is providing members with current information, training of new members regarding ethics, bylaws and whatever other pertinent information is deemed necessary. Through product enhancement, he has been able to assist the credit committee make products more contemporary by adding new functionalities based on the member feedback.