Chairman's Message
Season’s Greetings from the Executive Committee!

Esteemed Members of Solar Rays Energy Sacco,

Season’s Greetings from the Executive Committee! 

Christmas is here and with it comes the joy of festivity. Solar Rays Energy Sacco wishes to send heartfelt greetings in the spirit of the season. God has been good to us and our business throughout the year and that calls for celebrations. We also want to celebrate each and every member as we close the year for their diligence in ‘saving as they can’. 

We have achieved various milestones in the past one year including exponential growth in the membership, expansion of our product portfolio, adoption of facilitative technologies, 100% compliance, a robust human resource machinery, SACCO members’ and staff welfare systems, and a unique and innovative route to market. We note that we still have a long way to go, however, and will be seeking to leverage on our strengths to take advantage of opportunities in the market in 2021. 

The business looks forward to optimizing our strategic and operational orientation in 2021 with a renewed focus on core business, new member and group recruitment, training of members on products and uptake, and a concentration on continuous improvement with emphasis on staff and board structures. We also hope to make significant strides with primary member products. 

Let us all walk into 2021 energized with the momentum that has taken us this far. Our eyes must remain fixated on our goals as the best is yet to come. Thank you all. 

 Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

We are #Unstoppable.

Thank you, Stay Safe & Healthy

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